Pferdsfeld may not exactly be full of attractions in its own right but it has a certain charm due to its horsey character. Even the welcome sign as you come into town has a horse on it. There seems to be plenty of real horses too. Of course, for the beerwanderer, the reason to make a visit is to drink the light amber nectar from Brauerei Leicht. Thankfully, the brewpub has rooms to spend the night and there’s plenty to do in the area around as well, including numerous breweries reached via hiking trails.


Brauerei & Gasthof Leicht
Pferdsfeld 22
96250 Ebensfeld (Pferdsfeld)
Tel: 09573 236

Bad Staffelstein station 3.4 km/Ebensfeld station 3.6 km

Opening hours: (closed December 2022)
Wednesday & Friday to Sunday from  4:00

Closed Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Output: 250 HL

Founded in 1870, the Leicht family had been brewing the same beer for 150 years when it stopped brewing in late December 2022.  People loved and the place. The unassuming little place was very busy when I dropped by.  It was a gorgeous day and everyone was in the charming courtyard Biergarten. The inside was understandably empty.

cozy and quite empty interior of Gasthof Leicht & only pic of Biergarten I got

Gashot Leicht has a small menu of both cold and warm items. I opted for their house specialty chicken which was crispy on the outside and moist inside and was served with Bratkartoffeln (roast potatoes). If you’ve been to Canada and had broiler chicken, it’s a bit what it’s like and quite different than a half chicken you’d get in southern Bavaria.  The Leicht Landbier went well with it as I’d imagine it would go with any food. It’s a really quaffable tipple.

Leicht Landbier & half-chicken

This was an all too brief visit and I’ll definitely return, perhaps staying at the Gasthof to fully enjoy this very fine session beer.  I never managed to get a room at the Gasthof but returned a couple of times before it closed in December 2022. The last visit was a memorable one.

time in a Seidla

Beers: Leicht Landbier

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