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Though Mitterteich was first mentioned in 1185, it stands today as a small market town surrounded by lovely rural countryside punctuated with hundreds of ponds, appropriate as “Teich” is pond in German. Located in the Upper Palatinate, the northeast corner of Bavaria, Mitterteich has little to offer the typical tourist. In fact, aside from a market square with a pretty enough church, there is little to capture the imagination of the intrepid traveler.

church clockSt. Jakob’s Church in Mitterteich

On this same square is the local brewery Hösl so those in need of a beer will not go thirsty but those more knowledgeable on the subject know that Mitterteich’s true claim to fame is its being one of only five towns which brew true Zoigl. For those beerwanderers, the Kommunbrauhaus is perhaps the town’s true top sight.

brewery exteriorMitterteich’s Kommunbrauhaus

Located at Vorstadt 13 in the center of Mitterteich, the Kommunbrauhaus standing today was built in 1864 though brewing of Zoigl dates back to 1516. Tours can be arranged with the tourist information office. I quite enjoyed seeing the cool ship inside. This is where all true Zoigl in Mitterteich is made.

There are currently three families which brew and serve Zoigl in town.  The Zoiglstuben are listed below along with the Hösl brewery, though the latter is not a true Zoigl producer. The Zoiglstuben are only opened on designated weekends and a proper Zoigl calendar should be consulted prior to making the journey to town.

I have been to all three of the Echte Zoigstuben in town. Click on the links for my reviews and information on location and opening times.

Hartwich Zoiglstube
Luggerts Zoiglstube
Zoiglstube Oppl
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