Small village on the 13 Brauereien Weg that has sadly lost one of its greatest breweries, which stopped brewing in 2016. Many people complain when small breweries stop making their own brews and have them contract brewed but I’d rather have that then see them stop entirely.  The restaurant was open for some time, serving Bamberg’s Fassla beers, but has closed since the opening of the Brandholz Brauerei. This is mostly more of a microbrewery than brewpub. They do open for events so best to check their website to see if they will be open when you are passing through the area.

Brauerei Winkler
melkendorf winkler interior

Oddly enough, we had tried to get a room at Winkler prior to attempting the 13 Brauereien Weg the first time to no avail. In fact, we couldn’t get a room at any of the main towns on the trail so stayed in Litzendorf and did day trips from it.  It may have turned out for the better as the weather was awful. On the walk from Litzenfort to get our train in Strullendorf, Winkler was our first stop and even after only five kilometers, we were positively drenched.  The old brewpub was looking worse for wear and didn’t seem to have any heat that morning. My wife was none-to-happy until their amazing beer came out. It would be our favorite of the trek and the chicken that followed was one we still talk about. It seems that’s all we’ll do as Winkler is no more.

Fried chicken with the once renowned Vollbier of Winkler

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