kulmbach castle

Once the brewing capital of Franconia and surely the reigning producer of the most beer in the region, Kulmbach is a ghost of its former self with even the biggest breweries all merged into one now. Kulmbachacher now brews nearly everything in town and though they still make some fine enough beer, there’s something about one big brewery that should make you feel uncomfortable.  Less actual breweries has to mean less quality and variety. The town itself is very pleasant and easily explored on foot, with a nice old town and hilltop castle for good measure. As for drinking at a brewery, it’s not as bad as my opening few sentences might suggest but don’t expect Bamberg level experiences.  With a lower bar, we did enjoy both places we went to on our short visit to town.

Mönchshof Brähaus
kulmbach mönchof banner

kulmbach kommunbrauhaus banner

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