kulmbach kommunbrauhaus exterior
Grünwehr 17
95326 Kulmbach

Tele: 09221-84457

Kulmbach Station 900 meters

Opening hours:
Daily from 10:00

Founded in 1992, this small center city brewpub is typical of the more modern German breweries, with a shiny copper kettle and some rustic touches. The highlight is certainly the cute little but leafy Biergarten. We made great if quick use of it before heading to the Mönchschof Bräuhaus for lunch. Many people were eating and the food looked good. It was tough to leave this sunny spot but the Mönchschof Schwarzbier was calling.
We just had time for a quick one and opted for the Hell, which was fair enough but not enough to risk upsetting my wife (and our driver) with getting their second offering.

unfiltered yellow beer in mug

the unfiltered Hell

Beers: Hell, Bernstein

Beer calendar:
Brezenbier (January)
Kommunator (February)
Märzen (March)
Hexenbier (April)
Deflorator (May)
Pils kaltgehopft (June)
Kerwafestbier (July)
Sommerweizen (August)
Roggenbier (September)
Kerwafestbier Dunkel (October)
Kommoonbier (November)
Delirium (December)
Kommunator Riserva (December)

Beer event Calendar:
Kirchweih (1st weekend in July and 2nd weekend in October)
Sommerfest (Middle of August)
Anstich of the monthly beers is the first Wednesday of the month for that month’s beer

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