brewery exterior

Bahnhofstrasse 1
95666 Mitterteich
Tel: 0 96 33 / 21 66

Opening hours:
Sunday to Friday from 11:30 to 2:00 & from 4:00
(hot food available to 1:30 and until 9:00 in the evening)
Closed Saturdays

The Hösl family has run this thriving enterprise since 1906 with not only the brewery but also the restaurant in place.  It’s right on the main square in Mitterteich and a popular place for good value hot meals.
We didn’t have time to make this part of either of our Zoigl trips but did stop for lunch on our way back to Munich from a family visit to Saxony. It’s an easy stop from the highway and imagine we’ll do it again. We both had duck breast and it was done perfectly, with a crispy skin and succulent meat.  The sauce was quite rich. I had tried a few of their beers bottled previously and was impressed with most of them and was looking forward to having the Dunkles on tap. I was sad to hear only the Helles, Pils and Weissbier of their large portfolio were on tap. I generally try to drink tap beers at breweries but still opted to have the Dunkles to support what seems a dying style in the state of its birth, Bavaria.

tasty duck breast & Dunkles at Hösl

Though not part of the local Zoigl scene, Hösl is well worth a visit and very much a local product worth supporting. Of course, if your time is very limited, a stop at one of their three Zoiglstuben should be your top priority. Hösl does brew a commercial Zoigl but though well-enough made I didn’t think it really tastes much like other Zoigl I’ve had, even in Mitterteich.  To my knowledge, it’s only available in bottled form.
Beers: Edell Hell, Edel Pilsner, Urstoff, Oberfälzer Langold, Abt Andreas Dunkel, Wirtshausbier, Märzen, Communbräu Zoigl, Helles Weissbire, Dunkles Weissbier, Leicht Weissbier, Hochzeitsweissbier and Whisky Weissbier.

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