Very small village with a very small brewery that it seems to draw the entire surrounding area to Sunday lunch. It was a bit of a gray if pleasant walk, past an old mill and some scenic old beer cellars to the unassuming place.  If it hadn’t been my birthday, I’m not sure my wife would have done it on such a cold day but after it was all said and done, she thought it was well worth it, too.

Brauerei zum Goldenen Adler (often called Gasthof Endres)
brewery with sign
Höfen 21
96179 Rattelsdorf (Höfen on maps)
Tel: 09547-264

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 15:00
Sunday from 11:00
Closed Tuesday and Saturday

Ebing Station 4 km/irregular bus service

Output: 200 HL

Founded in 1775, this small brewery barely produces enough beer to supply the small village and it seems everyone in the vicinity comes here for Sunday lunch. It’s a bit of a walk from the station and unless you’re spending the night, the bus probably won’t help you out much but it’s well worth the trip. The food is amazing and great value. The beer is pure magic.

brewery interior
interior of Gasthof Endres

We both had the Schäuferla and it was huge and tender beyond words. I noticed a women next door had an advertisement up for rooms. I hope to one day take her up on her offer.

A very tasty (and cheap as you can see) Schäuferla and their Lagerbier

With some new blood brewing the beer, there were two new beers in 2023. I unfortunately missed out on their Märzen but made it a point to get back out to Höfen for their lovely rich Doppelbock. Even on the heels of a great night at the Pelikan Best of Bock event, this one held its own. We were not disappointed with the food either. The Rouladen were the best we’ve ever had in Franconia.

a Doppelbock worth the walk & amazing Roulade

We will try to get here more often but it’s only open for lunch on Sunday and we were lucky to get a spot despite calling a few days prior. Buses do not run on Sundays but a late afternoon visit is possible with public transportation.

Beers: Ungespundetes Lager.

Beer calendar:
Brauereifest (the beginning of September, every two years in even years)
Kirchweih (1st weekend in October)
Bockbieranstich in October (new as of 2023, with a Doppelbock no less!)

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