Kreuzberg Bierkeller area

The Kreuzberg is a hilltop pilgrimage site just northwest of Forchheim. There is a much beloved series of Bierkellers set in a gorgeous forest. This is not to be confused with the Kellerwald, which is actually in Forchheim but to the northeast of the town center.  Though that is also nice, this is truly a Bierkeller paradise and well worth the journey out, easily reached by public bus.  Hallerndorf is the main town but the bus from Forchheim makes the rounds of all the villages. There is also a great hike out if you want to take in more of the local landscape.

The area is compact so it’s easy to get around on foot.  The actual breweries are in various villages but all operate Bierkellers on the Kreuzberg that serve their beers. Generally, during the Bierkeller season, the brewpubs are closed.

Below are the kellers on the actual Kreuzberg. The Brauhaus has their brewery up there now but it was once Brauerei Friedel in Schaid.  The other two have their breweries in Hallendorf.

Lieberth’s Keller
lieberth keller
Rittmayer Keller
rittmayer keller bannerBrauhaus am Kreuzberg
brauhaus am kreuzberg banner

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