Gasthaus Zur Goldenen Traube

Mainstraße 16
97340 Marktbreit
Tel: 093324135

Marktbreit station 700 m

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Saturday 10:30 to 23:00 (midday food break 13:30 to 17:30)
Sunday 10:00 to 22:00 (same food break)
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Gasthaus Zur Goldenen Traube is well located across from the Main River in charming Marktbreit. It has a rustic typical Franconian interior and serves warm meals every day. Its call to fame for those beer-oriented is having Kesselring Pils on tap along with a few of their bottled beers.

a tasty Kesselring Pils & a warming hearty meal

I’d checked their website and saw a limited hot menu so was happy to find they had two daily specials in addition to the regular line-up.  It was Gründonnerstag so they had the green staple of eggs with spinach and potatoes. We both love it but it was a cold wet day and we knew we were likely to have a cold Brotzeit at our chosen dinner brewery so opted for the pork medallions with dumplings in a rich sauce. It sounded good, was fairly priced and was ample size when it came out. The quality of the meat was good but the unmistakable taste of Maggi was a bit overpowering. It wasn’t bad but sometimes less is more and when it comes to Maggi, that is the case…at least for us. Many people love the stuff. The Kesselring Pils fared better and I had a couple. It probably would have gone well with the Gründonnerstag special too.

Service was friendly and attentive and it was pretty busy for a Thursday lunch. I wouldn’t not return but there are a couple of other places in town that have the Kesselring Pils on tap so would likely try another one next time. Unfortunately, the pubs in the brewery’s neighboring village of Marktsteft have closed down in the last few years and the next village north is that much further. So, if looking to try Kesselring beer on tap, this looks like your best option.

Beer: Kesselring Pils on tap. Bottled Kesselring Landbier & Schwarzbier.

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