Freudeneck is a cute little village north of Rattelsdorf that is scenically situated on the River Itz, so much like Mürsbach just to its north, accessible not only on scenic trails but also by canoe.  Though not quite as elaborate as its northern neighbor, it is nonetheless a nice stop, especially if exploring the river. For those not able to do the short portage or lacking the time or energy to canoe to Mürsbach, it’s an easier and still very nice alternative. Conveniently, there is a brewery in this village, as well.

Freudenecker Fischer-Bräu
brewery exterior
Freudeneck 2
96179 Rattelsdorf
Tel: 09547 870 97 91

Ebing Station 5 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday from 15:00
Sunday & holidays from 10:00
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Output: 600 HL

Founded in 1880 and still in the same family, this small local is the center of village life in Freudeneck. It’s a homey place with a small atmospheric Biergarten that while lacking in trees, remains green and shady. The menu is simple but good value.

Fischer Biergarten

We had only time for a brief stop and having already eaten a large meal at Sonnen-Bräu in Mürsbach, didn’t eat anything. That didn’t stop us from enjoying a much deserved Helles from an earthen krug.  Since we still had a forty-five minute paddle back to Rattelsdorf and we’d had a couple beers at lunchtime, we only had one here. Hope to return in winter to have their coveted Bock.

Freudenecker Fischer-Bräu Helles & empty interior on a sunny day

Beers: Helles

Beer calendar:
Hahnerla (a Dunkles) during Lent
Kellerweisse from Easter through August
Bockbier from the beginning of October
Wintertraum during the Advent Season

Starkbiertrinken on Epiphany
Kirchweih is the second Sunday after Assumption of Mary
Bockbieranstich is the second Friday in October.

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