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Falkenberg was first mentioned in 1154 and has an illustrious history of sorts as evidenced by its hilltop castle dating to the inception of the town. Located in the Upper Paltinate, it is most noted now as an major gateway to the Waldnaabtal Nature Reserve, a gorgeously lush forest with numerous granite formations.

The Waldnaaptal

The castle ruins, atop a geotope, were purchased by Friedrich Werner von der Schulenburg in 1936, who promptly rebuilt them into a retirement home. He was later executed for his part in trying to overtake Adolf Hitler during WWII.

IMG_6068Castle Falkenberg

In addition to being the gateway town to the Waldnaabtal and the Goldsteig, Germany’s premier long distance hiking trail, Falkenberg is more known to beer aficionados as home to one of only five Kommunbrauhaus which make true Zoigl.

IMG_6059.JPGKommunbrauhaus in Falkenberg

Though the Kommunbrauhaus at “In der Schwaige” in Falkenberg only dates back to 1927 in its present form, a brewery stood at this location even before the town was granted brewing rights in 1467. What it lacks in age, it more than makes up for in scenic setting, with Falkenberg Castle looming in the background. Tours are available and can be arranged at the tourist information center. I had a fun if unexpected ride in a tractor when I did mine!

I’ve been to both Echte Zoiglstuben in Falkenberg. Click on the links to read my reviews and for contact information and opening times.



Though not part of the Echter Zoigl group, the quality of the Zoigl at the below Stube and the friendliness of the owner makes me include it nonetheless:

Gumpener Weg 1
95685 Falkenberg
Tel: 01577 2067495

Open Friday to Monday from 10:00 to 11:00
Check schedule on their website for weekends they are open as they are not listed on the Echter Zoigl site.

I’ve not been to the Wolfadl Zoiglstube but I was getting a tour of the Kommunbrauhaus in Falkenberg when the owner was retrieving his Zoigl. He offered to take me to his storage cellar in his tractor, where I tried his exceptional Zoigl.  I will make a point of getting back to Falkenberg when he’s open. If you’re there when he’s open, I’d drop in, too.

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