Dörfleins is a small village that is part of the greater Hallstadt area and lies in the Fränkische Schweiz or Little Switzerland of Franconia. Hallstadt proper has more amenities but Dörfleins is the start of a fine walk over the nearby Kreuzberg. The other plus is there’s a great brewery in town, too.

old wooden door brewery
Brauerei Schwarzer Adler Eichhorn
Dörfleiner Straße 43
Hallstadt (Dörflein) 96103
0951 75660

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Tuesday-Wedesday from 9:30
Thursday                    from 9:30 to 7:00
Friday                          from 9:30
Saturday                     from 9:30 to 8:00
Sunday & holidays   from 9:30 to 12:00 & from 3:00

Hallstadt Station 2.3 km/Bamberg Station 5 km/irregular bus service

Output: 2500 HL

Founded sometime before 1870, the Schwarzer Adler still has an Eichhorn brewing and remains very much a traditional pub with somewhat odd (at least to non-Dörfleiners) opening hours.  It’s a nice homey place with lots of dark wood and some nice touches ringing in the seasons. Our visit was in autumn and orange leaves gave it a fall feel. Don’t miss the great wooden door on the way in.

some charming touches at Brauerei Schwarzer Adler Eichhorn

The interior rooms were quite nice, as well and though not busy the Friday afternoon we stopped by, you could see they could accommodate a fair crowd. Not open the day we were there, was a Biergarten that surely comes in handy during warmer months.

interior of Brauerei Schwarzer Adler Eichhorn

They have their own butcher so mostly specialize in cold platters but they do have a small changing warm menu. My wife had standby Franconian favorite “Strammer Max,” a nice smoky ham with two fried eggs over dark bread. I had a warm smoked bacon type ham with sauerkraut which was served with bread. Both were quite good and reasonably priced.  I washed mine down with their Schwarzer Adler Dunkles beer though most in the pub were drinking their noted Kellerbier.

Schwarzer Adler Dunkles & smoky ham oriented meals

I would have normally got the Kellerbier next but they had their Bock on tap and it was unfiltered no less. It was superb and very glad to wait for the Kellerbier until next time. This is the kind of Bock you travel all the way to Franconia for!

worth the trip in itself: one amazing Bock

Service was fair and friendly enough. We’d certainly return. There’s a nice hike just up the road and the brewery has an apartment for rent. I sure could drink more than one Bock next time.

Beers: Keller, Weizen, Pils, Dunkles on tap

Beer calendar: Bock from early October

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