Brauhaus Landwinkl

pub exterior
Siechenstraße 24
96052 Bamberg
Tel: 0951-18086790

Bamberg station 1km

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 17:00 to 23:00

Output: ?? HL

Founded in 2019, this traditional pub space initially had its beer brewed at Hausbräu Stegaurach though done by owners Tom Land and Jürgen Winkler. It’s my understanding that the regular line-up is still brewed there but that seasonal offerings are now brewed on site due to capacity restrictions. Perhaps one day, they will be able to supply themselves from within. For now, it remains a nice place for a beer and appears to be popular with locals happy to have yet another place in their beer-rich town.

 nicely down up Landwinkl & tasty Gespensterbock

I stopped by in November but only had time for a quick beer. I’d planned on having their Rauchbier but decided to try the Gespensterbock since it was described as being lightly smoky and I’d been drinking Bocks in my previous two stops. They had two Bocks on but it wasn’t obvious if their regular line-up was available but my first impression was good enough to stop back again. I hope to file a more complete report then.

Beers: Landwinkl “a hells,”Landwinkl “a rauchigs,”Landwinkl “a brauns,”Landwinkl “a festbierla.”

Beer calendar: it appears they will be fairly experiment
Domstadt Schampus

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