Brauerei Sigwart


Brauerei Sigwart Bräustüberl
Luipoldstraße 17
Weißenburg in Bayern 91781
Tel: 09141/16 26

Weißenburg (Bayern) Station 2km

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Tuesday                                                                    5:30-10:00

Wednesday through Sunday    11:00-2:00  &  5:30-10:00

Output: 20,000 HL (Stopped brewing in March 2019, but pub sells their brand as brewed by Brauerei Hofmühl)

Founded in 1451, Sigwart’s was by far the larger of the two town breweries for sheer production and looks to have made some great strides with regard to their restaurant since my last visit. Perhaps with Schneider-Bräu out of commission for a few years, it filled their niche for higher quality meals.  I was last there in 2012 so this is a review of the restaurant then but hope to return soon to check out their improvements.

another cozy interior, their Pils & Helles along with their Schäuferla

I was there on my own a long time ago and didn’t have a camera with me. It was honestly before I was taking photos of beer anyway. I had pretty much every beer they offered and all were quite good if not quite as tasty as Schneider-Bräu’s. I returned in 2012 and only had the Helles and Pils, again good beers if in the area but not sure I’d travel all the way there to get them. The Schäuferla was also good but not up with the best in Franconia.

Again, from the looks of their new website, things have probably improved dramatically food-wise and hope to return in the next few months to check it out and enjoy amazing Weißenburg. I did get back to Weißenburg but only had time to reinvestigate Zur Kanne (the old Schneider-Bräu) but hope to return again soon.

Beers: Sigwart Hell, Sigwart Premium Pils, Sigwart Tradition 555, Sigwart Hefeweizen, Sigwart Weißenburger Weiße, Sigwart Dunkle Weiße, Sigwart Leichte Weiße, Sigwart Keller’s.

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