Schinner Braustuben

bayreuth schinner interior

Richard Wagner Str.38
95444 Bayreuth
Tel: 0921/67673

Bayreuth Station 400 meters

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Tuesday from 5
Wednesday-Saturday 10:30-2:00/5:00-11:00
Sunday 10:00-2:00

This somewhat kitschy restaurant was once the home of Brauerei Schinner but the brewing operation moved quite some time ago and was renamed Bürberbräu though the pub retained the original name as did the beers.  Sadly, even this is not the case as brewing has ceased and evidently is being carried on at Kaiser-Bräu in Pegnitz.  I did stop in for a beer and was glad I did as it was a very nice Dunkles.  Meals looked good and it’s a cute enough place very much on the tourist path so easy to check it out.  Though it would be nice if they made these facts more readily known, it’s better to have a beer that at least resembles its glorious self than another big brewery’s wares.

bayreuth schinner beer
Quite a nice Braunbier even if contract brewed

Beers: Schinner Urstoff, Premium Edel-Pils, Premium Edel-Weisse, Braunbier, Premium Kellerbier.  Kaiser-Bräu seems to be brewing their full range so that’s a nice sign.

Beer calendar:
Winterbier in winter
Markator is March

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