Brauerei & Erlebnis Gärtnerei Hopfengarten Bamberg

Zollnerstraße 24
96052 Bamberg
Tel: 0951 15 03 19 40

Bamberg station 400m

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday 9:00 to 12:00 & 13:30 to 18:00
Saturday 9:00 to 13:00
Sunday & Monday Closed

Output: ?? HL

Founded in 2015, this is quite an interesting space. A large garden area used to grow not only hops but also many other herbs. The hops part is a pretty big thing as though Bamberg was a big producer of hops a hundred years or so, but this is the first place doing it on any kind of scale since. They have also patented the process of smoking hops and create not only many experimental beers but also distill their own gin.

 friendly & innovative owner

I stopped by a few years ago to check out their Biergarten as it had looked intriguing online. The owner was running around doing lots of tasks but was nonetheless quite friendly. He explained that I could try beers but they only had bottled ones unless there is an event, of which they do quite a few. I have not been back since but a friend enjoyed their Roter Bockfest this past November and I’ll make more of a point return in 2023.

They recently opened a tap in town, the Hopfenhaus and I stopped in for one beer this past summer. They look to have some interesting food and a nice modern decor and atmosphere. 

Beers: Hopfen Gold, Himbo, Koala, Chillilero, Gurtei, Hopfen Zupfer, Minz Mann, Keller Meister, Märzen.

Beer calendar: it appears they will be fairly experiment
Roter Bock in early November

Events (please check for exact dates before heading there!): Stärkantrinken (early January), Frühlingsbierfest (End of March), M(a)y Bock-Fest (mid-May), Sommerbier- & Gin-Fest (early July), Hopfenzupferfest (mid-September), Grünhopfenfest (early October), Bockbierfest (early November).

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