blue brewpub
Dominikanerstraße 10
96049 Bamberg
Tel: 0951/509 02 62

Opening hours:
Closed Monday

April through October:
Tuesday                                         5:00-11:00
Wednesday to Sunday              11:00-11:00

November through March:
Tuesday to Friday                       5:00-11:00
Saturday & Sunday                    11:00-11:00

Founded in 2004, this is one of Bamberg’s new brewpubs and follows along with a more modern look and feel. With a location nearly next to more famous Schlenkerla, it draws its fair share of customers who come for a more varied menu than most of the more traditional breweries in town, as well as a more service-oriented staff.  It surely appeals to those not enamored by Rauchbier, too.

a nice mix of traditional and modern at Ambräusianum

I must admit I was never hard-pressed to check it out. With nine other breweries in town, I just never found the time.  In 2017, I made it out to the even newer Kronprinz and thought it was quite good so made a point stop in this year when there for my birthday in late 2018. It was the Christmas market season so everything was packed so figured we could pop in and easily find a spot. That was not the case, it was quite busy, too. I figured I would go for their Bock and they had a new beer in the famed “U” style Bamberg is also noted for.  We weren’t hungry but got a plate of Zwetchgenbames (beer smoked over plum wood) to fully appreciate the beer. My bock wasn’t bad, but my wife was not impressed with the “U” at all. The meat plate was a bit dry, perhaps the worst example of it we’d ever had.

a dark Bock, their “U” and a plate of Zwetchgenbames

It’s not likely we’ll be back anytime soon. If a friend was in town and they wanted to go to every brewery in Bamberg, I wouldn’t hesitate to take them but there are just too many great ones to spend time in something so average.

Beers: Hell, Bernsteinweizen and “U”

Beer calendar:
Sandkerwa Festbier during the festival at the end of August
Bock tapping is the last Thursday in November

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