Zur Schleuse (Stefansbräu)

Dr.-Martin-Luther-Straße 16
91550 Dinkelsbühl

Tel: +49 9851 8139703
www.schleuse-dinkelsbuehl.de (restaurant/pub)
www.dinkelbrauer.de (actual brewery site)

Crailsheim Station 23km/Dombühl Station 23km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 23:00

Output: 500 HL

Founded in 2008, Stefansbräu is the new kid on the block but due to their bottling their beer, they actually produce more than draft-only Weib’s Brauhaus. The small facility is located in neighboring village Wilhelmshöhe which is still part of the Dinkelsbühl postal code. It’s probably a shorter walk than to Brauerei Hauf. It has limited opening hours and only sells beer to go. There is no pub on site. Thanks to neither of my chosen brewery pubs being opened for lunch on my second day in town, I looked for another option and happened upon Zur Schleuse which just so happens to be the unofficial brewery tap for Stefansbräu.

Zur Schleuse was a lucky find

It’s a great looking old half-timbered building but the atmosphere is eclectic and quirky. With anything but a staid feeling, it’s a perfect match for the newest beers in town which while following traditional styles are somehow bold and new. I contacted the owner via e-mail and got a quick response that they would indeed be open on my chosen date. As it turned out, it was their opening day of the season. It was a hot sunny day so I started off with the Stefansbräu Weizen.

two tasty and different Stefansbräu beers

Though I tend to not drink Weissbiers in Franconia, I’d had a few good ones the previous day and this one was no exception. When I tried to order food, I was told it wouldn’t start until 14:00. When I explained that I’d been told the previous day it was 12:00, she called the cook and got things rolling a little earlier.  I ordered a Stefansbräu Märzen and put an early order in for a Flammkuchen.

Excellet Flammkuchen & two more winners from Stefansbräu

It took some time for the Flammkuchen to materialize and I was already drinking a Stefansbräu Zwickel when it arrived. It was excellent and worth waiting for but I could have used more sustenance before the beers rather than after. Thankfully by the time I tried the Stefansbräu Dunkler Bock, I’d eaten!

Though a little unorganized, I quite liked Zur Schleuse and the owner was super nice. It certainly could have been an opening day jitters scenario. If the Flammkuchen is any indication, the food is excellent and it’s the only place in town to find the tasty Stefansbräu beers on tap.

I was happy to find some of the Stefansbräu beers at the local supermarket. They didn’t have the Bock so was I glad I’d had it at Zur Schleuse despite its not being on tap.  I was able to pick up the one beer I’d not had time for, Stefansbräu Pils as well as their Märzen and Zwickel.

Stefansbräu Pils & Märzen

Beers: Stefansbräu Zwickel, Stefansbräu Märzen on tap.  Bottled Stefansbräu Weizen, Stefansbräu Pils and seasonal beers like Stefansbräu Dunkler Bock and Festbier.

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