Gasthof zum Fichta (Brauerei Übelhack)
weiglathal zum fichta exterior
Weiglathal 1
95503 Hummeltal
Tel: 09246-491

Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Daily from 10
Founded in 1870, Brauerei Übelhack unfortunately stopped brewing in 2006. They have their beer contract brewed but it is lagered on site and is surely brewed using their original recipe, possibly by Simon in Lauf. Though less than a perfect scenario, I prefer it to just bringing in a beer from another brewery altogether.  The Gasthof zum Fichta is still very much open and serving a beer that was once brewed here and probably tastes about the same. It’s still one of the better ones on the Bierquellenweg hike and it’s a nice spot to enjoy it, as well.
I was here on a cold evening and enjoyed a meat plate and at least that day, it was the best beer of the day.  I was here again recently and got to enjoy the idyllic Biergarten. The beer was as good as I had remembered.

a beer worth the walk

When researching my book, Beer Hiking Bavaria, I returned to do the full Bierquellenweg and was happy to return to this great little spot. I didn’t get such great weather but enjoyed the cozy interior of the pub and a great Goulash soup.

another great stop when hot soup hit the spot on a cold day

We found out this is a great lunch stop if driving on the autobahn from Bayreuth to Munich. It’s right off the road and was understandably packed when we dropped by for Sunday lunch. We were lucky to get a table. Along with their usual fare, they had one hot roast meal, a Rinderbraten that day. It was excellent, ample and reasonably priced. My wife said her Bratwurst were tasty as well. The beer was excellent too.

roast beef in sauce with dumplings and beer

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