Weber-Bräu Landbier Hell

Weber-Bräu Landbier Hell is a hoppy quaffer which is now brewed by Rittmayer in Hallerndorf after the brewery stopped brewing after more than 200 years.

Weber-Bräu Landbier Dunkel

Weber Landbier Dunkel Brewery: Weber-Bräu Town: Röbersdorf Style: Landbier Color: amber Head: white, creamy Nose: slightly hoppy Body: medium,  low carbonation Palate: hoppy from the start with some malt backbone Finish: clean, bitter Served: from a bottle at the brewery Impression: Was happy to finally get a beer at this brewery as it was unexpectedly … Continue reading Weber-Bräu Landbier Dunkel

Hennemann Sommergold

Hennemann Sommergold is another winner from the Sambach brewery. Hoppy and dry, perfect for summer.