An unremarkable village aside from being home to one of the Bamberg area’s most beloved breweries. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty to explore in the beautiful dense forests surrounding Schammelsdorf but the time in the village proper would best be spent at Brauerei Knoblach, a destination in itself.

Brauerei Knoblach
schammelsdorf knoblach exterior
Kremmeldorfer Straße 1
96129 Schammelsdorf
Tel: 09505-267

Bamberg Station 10 km/somewhat regular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Mondays unless it’s a holiday (then it’s Tuesday!)
Tuesday-Friday 15:00 to 23:00
Saturday 9:00 to 23:00
Sunday and holidays 9:00 to 15:00

Output: 2000 HL

Founded in 1880 and still in the same family, Brauerei Knoblach is a popular day trip for Bambergers looking for great value food and a fine portfolio of beers. The restaurant is cozy with friendly staff and locals. Food is of very high quality with more than fair prices. My first time here was on a dreary day in November when their super tasty and tender Tafelspitz (beef slices with a horseradish sauce) and Bockbier made me never want to leave. Locals helped us get onto the trail to Lohndorf.

Tafelspitz with dumplings washed down with a marvelous Bockbier

I was happy to finally get back there recently in summer so I could enjoy their lovely leafy Biergarten. I had a great Krautwickerl (stuffed cabbage) but was sad to have to leave after only one of their marvelous Ungespundetes Lagers, with a long hike in front of me.

Ungespundetes and Krautwickerl in the Biergarten

I recently returned in February 2019 with my wife, having walked the first part of the 13-Brauereienweg from Memmelsdorf. We arrived just in time for the Rauchbier Anstich and it’s a really winner. I had the very popular ribs and my wife had one of her favorites and a meal not so easily found: leftover dumplings fried and served over eggs and ham.  Both went really well with their tasty Rauchbier.

Rauchbier, Ribs and fried dumplings over eggs & ham

I returned yet again to try their Ur-Märzen, a non-smoky version of their Räucherla. As is always the case, it’s best to have something to eat while there. This Kalterbraten was excellent too.

Ur-Märzen & Kalterbraten

Due to COVID, I haven’t been able to visit Knoblach in what seems ever but I have secured some bottles of beers I’d not tried before and both were super!

Knoblach Urlager & Rauchsüdla are two fine beers worth seeking out

Beers: Ungespundetes Lager, Räuschla, Hefeweizen, dunkles Landbier

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