Brauerei Zehendner
brewery exterior
Mönchsambach 18
96138 Burgebrach
Tel: 09546-380

Bamberg Station 21 km

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday from 15:00
Closed Sunday & Monday

Output: 5000 HL

Founded in 1899 and in the same family since 1939, this small village brewery has a big reputation in Franconia and that’s not an easy thing to do in an area where locals drink the local beer. This is one brewery Franconians seem to know and to respect.  The pub itself is simple but the Biergarten is quite nice with leafy green trees being set off well against the freshly painted pink building.

Though not overly hard to reach by bus, it’s not always super convenient getting back though with a bit of planning, it’s doable.  There isn’t anywhere in the village to stay but you can stay in the  Brauerei Schwan in nearby Burgebrach, which is about 5 km away. I did just this the first time here and found out the “other” brewery was quite good, too! Update: the Brauerei Schwan is experiencing staff shortages and is currently not renting their rooms. Hopefully, this will change but there are other options in Burgebrach.

The first time here, I had some nice Bratwurst and mistakenly ordered the Export, a fine beer in its own right. I also had their Maibock in a bottle, which was also excellent though I was disappointed it wasn’t on tap.  On the way out, I noticed a gravity dispensed beer, which turned out to be the more noted Lagerbier.

Tasty Export on tap with Bratwurst

That winter we returned so my wife could drink a few beers. She’d kindly done the driving first time and thankfully was rewarded with equally good beers at Brauerei Schwan.  This time, we had a great plate of Kalterbraten (cold roast pork) and correctly ordered the Lagerbier. We also had their Weihnachtsbock, though again it was in a bottle.  Oddly enough, we had it at Cafe Abseits in Bamberg on tap a few years earlier.

Weihnachtsbock & Kalterbraten in their atmospheric brewpub

Stopped back for their Weihnactsbock Anstich this past December and finally had their Bock from gravity dispense at the brewery.

Weihnachtsbock on tap

Returned yet again this past December for the Bockbieranstich and went earlier to get a seat in the main pub. It was much cozier and the beer even better. I also had my first Knochla and quite enjoyed it. Also, tried their tasty Gerupfter (cheese spread similar to Bavarian Obatzn) and homemade pretzels, probably the best I’ve ever had in Franconia.

Bockbieranstich, Kochla and Gerupfter with amazing homemade pretzels

I was finally at Zehendner in the heat of the summer. I’d actually come to check out Hermann’s Keller in nearby Ampferbach but couldn’t not come here too, could I? I hiked over from the Schwana Keller in Burgebrach for good measure. It was pretty hot so the beer tasted better than ever. I also got to finally sit out back in their surprisingly spacious Biergarten.

I had both the Lager and Export and must say, they are equally good. Sacrilegious as it is to say, their Kaltberbraten is possibly even better and the bread is homemade and some of the very best in Franconia. So glad I came. The bonus is my wife is dying for the Kalterbraten now so a trip to another trip to Zehendner can’t be far off!

Stefan tapping his marvelous Maibock

I was happy to learn that Zehendner would have their Maibock from gravity dispense the first week of May in 2023 so I made my way up. Not an easy trip from Munich but it was well worth it.

probably the best Kalterbraten on the planet

Getting to sit outside on a sunny day with this beer and their legendary Kalterbraten was heavenly. Will try to make this an annual event.

weizenbock in glass with bottle

Zehendner Weizenbock

A friend recently picked up their Weizenbock for me as it has eluded me for years. Neither Weizen is on tap so hard to “waste” a beer when their Lager is from gravity and their Export on tap.

Beers: Export, ungespundetes Lagerbier (gravity dispense), Hefeweizen.

Beer calendar:
Maibock (in May)
Weihnachtsbock (in December)
Weizenbock during Lent
Kirchweih (the beginning of November November)
Weihnachtsbockbieranstich (the Friday before the third Advent)

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