Wunderburg 10
96050 Bamberg
Tel: 0951-915170
Bamberg Station 1.6 km
Opening hours:
Daily from 9:00
Sunday 9:00-3:00 PM
Monday from 4:00 PM
Output: 18000 HL

Founded in 1602, the brewery was sold in 1895 and has been in the same family now for four generations. It was voted the best small brewery in the world by an American magazine quite a few years ago and gained some notoriety from that but it’s always been popular with the locals who come to down their Pils and U in quantities.
The atmosphere at Mahrs is bustling and the low wooden beamed ceiling of the main taproom is picturesque and cozy.  The food is great, too. I’ve had quite a few great meals here including a very tasty Biergulasch and pork loin.

Biergulasch & pork loin

Mahrs has lots of great beers and are noted for their Pils, well worth having if it’s on gravity dispense, generally after 5 PM. Their session beer is called U and it’s an unfiltered low carbonation quaffer.

Enjoying an early U with Bratwurst

Just back from another stop at Mahrs and enjoyed their Bock which was served from the wooden barrel and was in great form.

Mahr’s marvelous Bock from the wooden barrel

Beers: Mahrs Bräu Pils, Mahrs Bräu Hell, Mahrs Bräu Leicht, Mahrs Bräu Ungespundetes Kellerbier Hefetrüb, Mahrs Bräu Weisse, Mahrs Bräu Radler, E.T.A. Hoffmann-Bier.

Beer calendar:
Der Weisse Bock from Ash Wednesday
Sommer Pils in Summer
Bockbier Hell from the middle of October
Festaggs Weisse at Easter, Whit Sunday and Christmas
Weizenbock Anstich on Ash Wednesday at 10:00
Weissbier Frühschoppen on May 1st
E.T.A. Hoffmann-Frühschoppen
Wunderburger Kirchweih is the 3rd Sunday in July

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