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What’s in a name? A lot when it’s Dittmar
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No Filter: Schlenkerla helles Lagerbier vs unfiltered helles Lagerbier

Ebern Genussfestival 2024: A Beer Enjoyment Odyssey

The Pocket Guide to the Best Würzburg & its Countryside Breweries

I feel fine on the Kösseine
Framing Unterfranken in Frammersbach

Beer Hiking Prague & Czech? Why not.
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The Pocket Guide to the Best Erlangen & its Countryside Breweries

A blind man walks into a Franconian village with three breweries & can’t find a beer
Search for a brewery/pub/Bierkeller by Interactive Map
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Kronach: The Kaiser, The Duck & The Pächter Fäctor

Pocket Guide to Best Forchheim & surrounding Countryside Breweries
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Why Beerwanderers? A memorable unique experience.

The Pocket Guide to the Best Bamberg Countryside Breweries
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The 2nd Annual Looking for Mr. Good Beers & Breweries Top 5 Awards
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Bierkellering by Numbers 2023

Running on empty in Spielbach
The Häffners and the Häffner nots

The Main thing about Unterfranken
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A military assault on Rothenburg ob der Tauber
I see a Maibock and I want to paint it black
open meadow, dark beer in logo mug, wildflowersSomething’s missing in Spielbach

A Münchener goes to the Oktoberfest…in Köslau
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A Rotbier by any other name wouldn’t taste like Schlenkerla
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The Schlenkerla vs Spezial Face-off: OT Period Schlenkerla Märzen vs Spezial Lager
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A Salty Patch on the Unterfranken Express
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The Schlenkerla vs Spezial Face-off: Period 3 Replay Schlenkerla unfiltered Lager vs Spezial Ungespundet

What makes the Walberlafest so special? Sometimes it’s not about the beer

The Schlenkerla vs Spezial Face-off: Period 3 Schlenkerla Lager vs Spezial Ungespundet
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What’s the best Beer Hike in Baden-Württemberg? Ehingen, but what’s the best beer on the trail?
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The Schlenkerla vs Spezial Face-off: Period 2 Schlenkerla Urbock vs Spezial Bock

A Prime Passage to Prösslbräu
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The Schlenkerla vs Spezial Face-off: Period 1 Schlenkerla Märzen vs Spezial Märzen

On the need to be understood & not get hit by a passing truck en route to the Forstquell Brauerei

The Heavyweight Championship of Beer Round 15: Schlenkerla Märzen vs unfiltered Märzen
Nürnberg Rotbier Roundup: What is the best Rotbier in Nuremberg?
When living in Franconia doesn’t translate to being a Frank

The 1st Annual Looking for Mr. Good Beers & Breweries Top 5 Awards
The Dutch Connection in Herbsthausen

An audience with the Pope of Franconian beer in Rome

Heavyweight Championship of Beer Round 14: Schlenkerla Märzen vs Eiche

Time in a Seidla: Pferdsfeld

Winner takes it all: Schwäbisch Hall

The 9€ Ticket to Beer Nirvana in Franconian Baden Württemberg

Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 13 Schlenkerla Märzen vs. Urbock

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Catching up with old friends & new Bocks on the 13-Brewery Trail

The Myth of the Mass at Oktoberfest 2022

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Zoigl in the Allgäu. Why not?

Heavyweight Championship of Beer Round 12: Schlenkerla Märzen vs Kräusen

Hop Diggity HopDog!

Kloster Mallersdor: A Tale of Two Sistas

I pity the fool that ain’t been to Dunkelsbühl

Bierkellering By Numbers 2022 REDUX

How to hike five miles and visit five breweries in one day outside Bamberg

There’s spring & smoke in the air in Bamberg: A Guide to Bamberg’s Best Biergartens

On a slow train to Franconian Baden-Württemberg

Heavyweight Championship of Beers Round 11: Schlenkerla Märzen vs Fastenbier

The Squirrel meets the Unicorn: a sad Forchheim Fable of another brewery closing

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The Pocket Guide to Bamberg’s Best Beer

Beer Hiking in Tegernsee in winter just might be better

Beer Hiking in winter when the weather is less than perfect

Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 10 Schlenkerla Eiche vs Kräusen

Can you go beer hiking in winter? You sure can!

Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 9 Schlenkerla Fastenbier vs. Eiche

Fishing for a Bock without borders

Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 8 Schlenkerla Urbock vs Eiche

How COVID is ravaging the brewing heartland as the alpacas look on

And so it Goes in Leipzig

In Search of Schwarzbier in Thuringian Hilltop Castles

Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 7 Schlenkerla Urbock vs Kräusen

Singen in the Rain

Don’t Look Back at Kloster Kreuzberg

Sometimes enjoying nature means having to become part of the food chain

You can’t tell the dorfs without a scorecard

Mountains & Weisswurst & Beers, oh my!

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I feel fine after the Riederstein

mountain lake, dark beer, peak with small chapel on top

The Walberla Undressed

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Berchtesgaden Plan B Revisited

One flew over the stork’s nest

The Cherry Way on a hot day to Bierkeller Nirvana

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Father knows best at the Chiemsee

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Two Breweries & Seven Rivers on the Steigerwald Panoramweg

Heavyweight Championship of Beers Round 6: Schlenkerla Fastenbier vs Kräusen

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Looking up at and down from the Kofel are two very different things

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Bang a Gong in Stublang with the Brothers Dinkel

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Finding the light between two darks on the Bierquellenwanderweg

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Connecting the dots between beery paradises

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Monkey in the Zoigl middle: Falkenberg

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What’s all the fuss about ancient grains in brewing?

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On the trail to Glasfleisch, Castles & other assorted pleasures

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How to keg a Weißbier on the way to the lake

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What the Pfad is Beer Hiking?

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Will the real Kloster Scheyern please stand up

Plan B: Essing

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How can you lose with Three Dorfs & The Blue Diamond?

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Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 5 Schlenkerla Urbock vs. Fastenbier

Dang, back in Nesselwang!

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The Fox out of the Bocks

When nobody’s home in Hetzelsdorf

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What the ECK

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Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 4 Schneider Aventinus vs Aventinus Eisbock

comparison photos of dark wheat beer and ice bock version

Heavyweight Championship of Beer Round 3: Schneider Aventinus vs Hopfenweisse

schneider weizenbock comparsion

If I had Berghammer

No mitigating factors in Mittenwald

Beers without Borders

How I didn’t see the See in my own backyard

It takes a beer to laugh, it takes missing the bus to cry

Bierkellering by Numbers

To fest or not to fest, that is the question

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A Communal Déjà-vu in Seßlach

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The Döbler Effect on Bad Windsheim

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A Tale of Two Cities, Three Pils & an almost missed gem

4-MarkbreitGnodstadt July 20201

Beer means sometimes having to say you’re sorry

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There’s more than Fünf Seidlas on the Devil’s Tisch

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On the dime in Theinheim

4-Theinheim RAU1

There’s not much time for the Wolf

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On cutting the mustard en route to the Senftenberger Felsenkeller

Senftenberg Keller Pfingsten 2020

All aboard the Hallerndorfer-Keller Express

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Finally, an Enchanting Forchheim Fable

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How to find beer at the end of the rainbow

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An Aufseß Easter Adventure

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Virtual Beer Hiking in the Time of the Coronavirus

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A Surprise in Schönram


Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 2 Ayinger Winter Bock vs Celebrator


Why Andechs? Why not?

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Heavyweight Championship of Beers: Round 1 Weizenbock

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How to follow the Pilgrim’s Way to Monastic Beer Heaven


Why go beer hiking in Murnau?


What is Beer Hiking in Franconian Switzerland like?


What makes Beer Hiking in Bavaria so different?


Beer Hiking in autumn has its merits & mushrooms

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Somewhere over the Staffelberg

Beer Hiking Bavaria Loffeld

Hans Solo & the Cool Ship Mission Continues Part 4


Coming to Cool Ship terms with the local dialect in Eschawo Part 3


The Tractor Meets the Cool Ship Part 2


The Cool Ship Express Part 1


The Magic of the Walberla


The Celtic Road to Beer and Sausages


When your own backyard has mountains


Anstich in time saves nine


Long Live Lagers


Beer Hiking in Winter has its rewards


A Hard Beer’s Night (& Day)


Walking in a Winter Bock Wonderland


Money Can’t Buy You Beer


The State of the South African Craft Beer Address


Cape Town Craft Beer Capers

Cape Town 1edit1

How to tell the difference between a Wild Flower and a Darling Brew


Even amongst the vines, there is beer


Crafting a Garden Beer RouteGarden_route_blog_banner

Not Exactly the Cape of Good Craft Beer but Hope, yes.

Good Hope

South African Craft Beer Safari

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The Death of a Brewery in Erlangen: Kitzmann


How to Celebrate a 10th Anniversary on the Fünf Seidla Steig®

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Beer Hiking is a Thing: the Fünf Seidla Steig®


Dr. Bamberg & the Sandkerwa Side


How to win friends & influence Charlie on the 7 Brewery Trail


Not to be taken in Jest: Annafest


How to Eat your Carrots and Drink your Zoigl, too.


Waldnaabtal Nature Reserve


A Brief History of Zoigl in Time

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Canoe Find the Breweries?


How to Rock Sambach


How to walk around a Bavarian Brewing Monastery


A Brief History of Beer in Time


May I have another Maibock in Aying?

Ayinger Maibock 18-001

How to build a Florida Brewpub


How to wander for Maibock in Munich


How to make Easter Franconian


How to get from brewery A to brewery B


How to Ruin a Beer Festival in 10 Easy Steps: Through the Past Starkly


How to Tell the Seasons in Aying

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Checking the Czech Craft Beer Out: Old & New


The Bock Stops Here


How to Dismantle an Atomic Schwärzlabock


Craft(ing) Beer Since 1556: Maisacher


The ABCs of Franconian Food


Craft Beer is Alive & Well sort of in Germany


The Bocks of Bamberg


How to Keep the wife happy in Zeil am Main


Diary of a Mad Craft Beer Brewing Housewife in the Land of Zoigl


Craft Beer in Germany?


You can tuna fish (and a piano) but can you tune a carp?

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Getting to Work on the Fünf Seidla Steig®

(Fünf-Seidla-Steig® is a registered trademark of the breweries Elchbräu, Brauerei Hofmann, Lindenbräu, Brauerei Friedmann and Klosterbrauerei Weißenohe)
A Ticket to Bock


Following the Bocks in Regensburg


How to drink beer all day and lose weight in four days

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In Franconia: All Paths lead to Beer

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Interested in Beer Hiking Trails or Breweries.