Kloster Kreuzberg

stone beergarden entrance
atmospheric courtyard Biergarten

The Rhön Valley, where Kloster Kreuzberg is located,  is a local hiking favorite with trails for both walking and biking going in all directions. You could spend quite a few days exploring them and the pretty monastic grounds and not get bored.  The monastery conveniently offers rooms even to non-pilgrims and with the brewery right on the premises, you won’t go thirsty (or hungry) while here.

the hills around Kloster Kreuzberg & their church interior

kloster kreuzberg exterior
Kreuzberg 2
97653 Bischofsheim/Rhön
Tel: +49 (0) 9772 9124-0

Gersfeld Station 16 km/Bad Neustadt (Saale) Station 30 km

Opening hours:
Daily 11:00 to 19:30

Output: 8500 HL

Founded in 1731, this is a true monastic brewery with beer still brewed by Franciscan monks. Staying in the monastery is possible and very reasonable but it’s a bit of a monastic experience as everything closes at 8:00 in the evening. Rooms are comfortable but a bit spartan with no entertainment and if crucifixes on the wall bother you, this might not be for you.  That said, it’s a great way to enjoy their excellent beer and food at very reasonable prices.  I’ve stayed there a couple times and quite enjoyed it. It’s a very peaceful and pretty area and once the daytime crowds head back down the nearly 1000 meter hill, a good night’s sleep is assured, especially if you’ve had a few of their beers! (please note, as of a 2021 overnight visit, the rooms have been somewhat updated but the prices have gone up quite a bit)

My first visit was a long time ago with my then girlfriend (now wife) who was gracious enough to drive me there in her car. It was a place I’d wanted to go to for a long time but it’s nearly impossible to get there using public transport, though tourist buses run in summer.  We had the mixed meat plate and surely all of their beers.

kloster kreuzberg d me
Smiles all around during our first visit in 2003

We returned a few years later with my in-laws and they loved it, too.  I finally got their massive Haxen (pork knuckle) and stuck to their Klosterbier Dunkel that time around.

kloster kreuzberg
A huge Haxen & a liter mug of Kloster Dunklesbier

We finally got back to the Holy Hill in 2021, after 15 years and two runs with COVID. There were lots of restrictions still in place and the prices had risen, especially for overnight accommodation but it was still nice to get back to a place full of memories. We sat outside despite far less than perfect weather and enjoyed a lentil soup to warm up and shared a plate of their house-butchered cold cuts. After a walk in the hills, we ventured inside for some Obazda and of course more of their tasty Klosterbier Dunkel.

some of the tasty treats awaiting you at Kloster Kreuzberg

Beers: Kreuzberger Kloster Dunkel

Beer calendar:
Kreuzberger Kloster Pils (from mid-February while it lasts, only in the Ausschank)
Kreuzberger Hefe-Weizen (from May while it lasts, only at the Ausschank)
Keuzberger Klosterbier Weihnachtsbock (from November while it lasts, only in the Ausschank)

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