Gnodstadt (Marktbreit)

Markbreit was first mentioned in 1266 but a Roman camp discovered in 1985 shows there were settlements here far earlier. More recently, perhaps its most famous son Alois Alzheimer would be the first to describe dementia. The town is full of architectural marvels and worthy of exploration in its own right. For photos of the Old Town of Markbreit, check out my hike which started there and then into the countryside en route to Gnodstadt. It’s a fine way to the area at a slower and more relaxed pace.

Nearby Gnodstadt is now referred to as a suburb but was first mentioned by name in 1130. The surrounding region is more renowned for wine cultivation but the village is also home to a fine brewpub too. I had come all the way to this region to drink their Pils and was taken aback by my entry town. I think I’ll return to spend more time to explore it.

Hausbrauerei Düll/Gasthof “Schwarzer Adler”

Pfarrer-Geyer-Str. 1
97340 Marktbreit – Gnodstadt
Tel: 09332 8663

Markbreit station 4 km/Ochsenfurt station 6 km

Opening hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 5:00 to 10:00
Sunday 11:30 to 2:30 & 5:00 to 11:00
Closed Monday & Wednesday

Output: 1500 HL

The Schwarzer Adler has been in the Düll family since the 18th century and the brewery was founded in 1840. Sixth generations of brewing the same beer makes for a pretty good one. Aside from a seasonal Bock, they only make a Pils but a great one it is.

the great Düll Pils & a pretty great Schnitzel too

I didn’t get to see the interior but from photos it looks cozy. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, I’m not sure if it was open. It was a nice evening and the outside seating area was really nice and it made sense to enjoy it. Who knows what it will be like next time I’m there. One good thing about having only one beer is you can settle into it and their Pils is a fine one to do that with.  I’d had a roast meal for lunch so went for a Schnitzel, a somewhat lighter and easier to eat meal.

Everything was great and hope to get back there again, perhaps for the Bock beer in autumn. If they only brew one other beer, my guess is it must be pretty good.

Beer: Düll Pils on tap.

Beer calendar:
Winterbock from November to February

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