Freilandsmuseum Kommunbrauhaus (Burgerbräu)

Wirtshaus am Kommunbrauhaus
Eisweiherweg 1 (im Freilandmuseum Haus Nr. 39)
91438 Bad Windsheim
Tel: 09841/65 09 50

Bad Windsheim station 1.5 km

Opening hours:
April 1 to December 31st
Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 (food until 17:00)
Closed Monday

Output: 500 HL

The Fränkisches Freilandsmuseum is one of Bad Windsheim’s top attractions and for the beerwanderer, an additional draw is the refurbished communal brew house which was relocated here in 1996. On brewing days, you can watch how beer was brewed in the mid-1800s. The wort is then transported to the Burgerbräu facility in town for fermentation. Sadly, this arrangement was discontinued in March 2020 and reportedly, Brauhaus Döbler may fill this capacity.

Next to the facility is a another piece of history in their restaurant. It dates back to 1518 but was remodeled during the 18th century. It is atmospherically furnished with period pieces and it does indeed feel like eating in a museum.

like eating in a museum

It was a beautiful day when I visited the museum so sitting outside was the thing to do. I got there early and with COVID-19 restrictions in place, waited at the entrance of the inside part but no one came. I then went to the Biergarten area and was soon seated. It was early and I guess no one was likely to sit inside. They seated me outside without really asking so I got their Zwickel and enjoyed the sun.

a tasty Frielandsmuseum Zwickel in the Biergarten

I would have normally eaten outside and gone inside to take photos but with COVID-19 restrictions in place, you couldn’t just walk in. The back entrance was closed and you’d have to wait to be seated at the front (as I’d tried to do). It got a little windy and my allergies were bothering me slightly so I used it as a reason to move inside, explaining I’d rather eat there.

a dark beer Sauerbraten inside

Once inside, I took some photos and ordered Sauerbraten with their Dunkel. I liked the dark beer and it went well with the food but the Sauerbraten wasn’t the best. The meat was a bit tough and the sauce seemed packaged. I guess it’s a tourist restaurant but other meals looked decent. I’d have to say it wouldn’t be my choice next time. From what I gather, there were others similar places in the museum years ago but it appears they are now serving mass-produced beer and not these specialty beers. So, if you want to try them and it’s worth doing that, you’ll need to do it here and it’s certainly an atmospheric place to do so.

Beers: Freilandsmuseum Zwickel, Freilandsmuseum Dunkel on tap

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