Erlangen is a university town on the rail line between Nürnberg and Bamberg. It’s a place I’d passed by numerous times and said, we should go there but due to what sounded like lackluster breweries, it never seemed to happen.  Finally, we made a plan and it was not only a surprisingly charming town, but also one of the breweries turned out to be quite good.  It’s certainly worth a stop and could be done in a few hours while traveling between the two big Franconian towns.

Brauerei Kitzmann
erlangen kitzmann banner
erlangen steinbach banner
Entla’s Keller
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Hofbräu Oberlie/Die Fischerei (Kosbach)
fish sign, half-timbered house, beer crate

The Pocket Guide to the Best Erlangen & its Countryside Breweries

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