Entla’s Keller


An den Kellern 5-7
91054 Erlangen
Tel: 09131/221 00

Opening hours from April to the last Sunday in September:
Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 24:00
Closed Monday unless a holiday, then open

Erlangen Station 1.5km

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The storage caves in this hill on the outskirts of Erlangen date back to 1686 and were created to store beer and more importantly to keep it cool in the warmer months. In its heyday in the 19th century, there were 20 km of tunnels connecting 19 Bierkellers. Initially, only the owners enjoyed meals in the shady area but it soon got out that the beer was much better than that in the city and people started to make a pilgrimage up the hill. The last Keller closed in 1900 and with the invention of refrigeration, there seemed to be no need for them. In the 1950s, the Engelhardt family started to renovate some of the tunnels and the entrance to what is now the Entla’s Keller which opened in 1984.

The modern entrance to Entla’s Keller & colorful decorations

The series of Bierkellers on the shady hill are home to the 250 year-old Erlangen Bergkirchweih, one of Bavaria’s biggest festivals. I never had much interest in the event but now that it’s been cancelled two years in a row due to COVID, I must admit to having some regrets.  Once the Kitzmann brewery in town closed, the Keller has served an assortment of beers. It’s now built a small brewery in the tunnels and is serving their own beer in addition to a few local favorites.  This gave me the last little push to go have a look.

Bratwurst & Entla’s Spezial Sud

It’s a fairly nice shady Keller though a bit overdone with speakers and lighting, obviously used not only for the Bergkirchweih but live music on a regular basis. If you overlook that, it’s certainly a decent city Bierkeller.

I ordered their Spezialsud and it was a light pour, especially for 4€ a half. It had a good flavor but a bit on the watery side. Entla’s does full meals all day, every day and seems popular as a lunch spot. They specialize in rotisserie duck (and chicken) and seem to take a lot of pride in their “Holzofen Brot.” I was a bit pressed for time and the duck was somewhat pricey so I opted for Bratwurst which was quicker to eat. I got three and would opt for two if I go again. It was pretty filling. They were good quality and the kraut was decent too but the bread was not fresh and on the dry side. Between the bread and the light pour, I definitely needed a second beer!

I’m glad I went up and if I were in Erlangen, I’d probably go again. The brewery is new and I would imagine their beer will get better and there is a rotation recipes being used.  So, trying the beer again would be my main reason to return….unless of course I finally make it to the Bergkirchweih!

Beers: Entla’s Spezialsud, Mahrs U, Hofmann Lager all on tap. Bottled Gutmann Weizen.

Beer calendar:
Bergkirchweih starts the Thursday before Whit Sunday

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