Ebermannstadt is a small pleasant town with good rail connections and makes a good jumping off point into the countryside with many fine small breweries within walking distance, often through beautiful landscapes. The town’s second brewery unfortunately closed in 2013 before I got to stop in. Ah, if we only knew what would happen, how we might act differently.
Am Marktplatz 2
91320 Ebermannstadt
Tel: 09194-767190 or 209
Opening hours:
Daily from 7:00
Sunday 7:00 to 3:00 PM
No closed days
Ebermannstadt Station 550 meters
Output: 1000 HL
Founded in 1812, the brewery itself is 500 meters away closer to the Wissent River at Mühlenstraße 1. A little further up the river on the same street is the scenic Schwanenbräu Biergarten, a place I’ve not been lucky enough to experience yet.
The Gasthof Schwanenbräu is right on the main square and is as noted as a restaurant as brewery. I’ve not had the pleasure of eating there as I’d just come from a large meal at Meisterbräu and was only here to try a couple beers. I had the Dunkles Lagerbier and couldn’t resist trying their Bock while there, too.  It was a cozy room but must say, I’d like to come back in summer to hit their Biergarten next time.

Their signature Dunkles Lagerbier & seasonal Bock
Beers: Lagerbier dunkel, Pils, Hefeweizen.
Beer calendar:
Festbier at their Altstadtfest in the middle of August
Weihnachtsbock from December
Kirchweih is the second weekend in September
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