Der Pelikan

Untere Sandstrasse 45
96049 Bamberg
Tel. 09 51 603 410

Bamberg station 2 km

Opening hours:
Daily from 17:00-24:00
Closed Wednesday

Zapfhahn is an eclectic pub with a cozy low-lit pub overseen by their pelican mascot and a leafy garden courtyard, perfect for summer mingling. They serve a variety of Asian dishes leaning in the Thai direction but what sets them apart is their beer selection.

 images from the Pelikan

The tap selection has varied over time but on my visit, they had two very special ones: Heckel-Bier and Zehendner Export. These are beers you’re not going to see much of anywhere outside of their small areas and to find both of them on tap in one pub is pretty amazing. We didn’t get a chance to eat but will make a point of dong so soon.

two lovely beers on tap

We returned a few weeks later but without a reservation, it was impossible to get a spot in their charming little Biergarten in the courtyard. Thankfully, the bartender took pity on us and let us sit inside next to the bar. The food was eclectic and excellent. We both had wok inspired meals with glass noodles and Chanterelle mushrooms, one with beef and the other with chicken. I’m sure we’ll return again soon but we’ll be sure to reserve a table outside well in advance.

good wok dishes & cute Biergarten

We finally made it to their Best of Bock event in 2023 and it will definitely be a staple in the future. There were 8 Bocks all poured gravity dispense though by Saturday night when we attended, the Zur Sonne Bock from Bischberg was already gone! We tried the Schroll Bock, Ulrich Martini Martini Bock, Griess Bock, Huppendorfer Kathrein Bock, Knoblach Bock and Müller Bock from nearby Debring. Sadly, no photos or notes from the last two. I guess I had a few too many Bocks!

Best of Bock 2023

Beers: Heckel-Bier, Zehendner Export on tap.

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