Hausbrauerei Altstadthof Das Helle/Kellerbier

Haubrauerei Altstadt's Kellerbier is likely their former Das Helle renamed to cash in on the new popularity of Kellerbiers but it's a nice enough one with a grainy element and a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Hausbrauerei Altstadthof Rote Weisse

Haubrauerei Altstadt's Rote Weisse is a wheat beer made with 50% red barley and has a fruity palate with a hint of banana.

Hausbrauerei Altstadthof Das Rote

Haubrauerei Altstadt's Das Rote is reportedly the first Rotbier after many year's of its absence and it credited as being responsible for its current resurgence.

An audience with The Pope of Franconian beer in Rome

Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà is unquestionably the best beer bar in Italy and the first to offer Franconian beer thanks to publican Manuele Colonna. The Birra in Franconia author named his bar after the football chant in Rome which translates as "but what did you come to do?" Well, drink beer of course!

Spall Spallator

Spall Spallator is a richly malty bock with dried fruit in the palate and a lingering semi-dry finish.

Spall Keller Pils

Spall Keller Pils is an unfiltered balanced lightly hoppy Pils with a lingering semi-dry finish.

Hopfengarten Hopfen Zupfer on tap

Hopfengarten Hopfen Zupfer is a balanced brew with a malty if thin palate and semi-dry finish.

BroBier Keller Pils on tap

BroBier Keller Pils/Zwickel is a lightly hoppy unfiltered beer with a fair grain element and lingering semi-dry finish.

BroBier Vollbier on tap

BroBier Vollbier is a balanced brew with a fresh malty palate and semi-dry finish.

BroBier Helles on tap

BroBier Helles is quite hoppy and dry for the style but will appeal to Craft Beer enthusiasts seeking out something outside the traditional in Bamberg.