Faust Bräustüble

miltenberg faust exterior
Löwengasse 3
63897 Miltenberg
Tel: 093712709

Miltenberg Station 1.3 km

Opening hours:
April 25th to September 30th:
Montay          4:00 to 11:00

Dienstag        4:00 to 11:00
Mittwoch       11:00 to 11:00
Donnerstag   11:00  to 11:00
Freitag           11:00 to 1:00
Samstag         11:00 to 1:00
Sonntag         11:00 to 10:00

October 1st to April 24th:
Monday to Thursday from 3:00 to 11:00
Friday & Saturday from 3:00 to 1:00
Closed Sunday

Output: 40000 HL

Founded in 1654, Faust is now the oldest brewery in Miltenberg, but the brewpub eatery has a decidedly more modern flair to it than Kalt-Loch. I guess it’s a matter of taste and some might say the latter is a bit kitschy but I found it more cozy.  At any rate, it’s a nice enough space and the small Biergarten looked lovely, with a view of the river.  Shame the weather wasn’t cooperating!

We’d had a big lunch in Würzburg so were mostly here to have a few beers but did get a Flammkuchen (German style pizza with smoked ham).  The food was certainly okay but have to say the beer wasn’t all that great. I had them all and would say the only ones that were decent were the Schwarzviertler and the Pils.  The latter was malty for a Pils and was more like a Helles, especially for Franconia. The contract-brewed Kalt-Loch Dunkles was much better than all of these.

Hefeweizen, Kräusen & Schwarzviertler

Beers: Pils, Kräusen, Schwarzviertler, Hefeweizen Hell, Export, and a seasonal Dopplebock all on tap.  Bottled Festbier & Hefeweizen Dunkle.

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