Brauerei Spezial

pub entrance
Obere Königstraße 10
96052 Bamberg
Tel: 0951-24304

Bamberg Station 700 meters

Opening hours:
Daily from 9:00
Saturday and May 1st 9:00-2:00 PM
Closed for two weeks at the end of August for vacation
Closed December 24-26th, 31st, January 1st, Rose Monday, Fat Tuesday & Ascension Day

Output: 6500 HL

Founded in 1536, Spezial may not be as famous as Schlenkerla but it’s even older and perhaps more the locals’ favorite. The old world pub rivals its more known rival and though a bit less busy, don’t waltz in at mealtimes and expect a table all to yourself. Another plus in Spezial’s favor is they have very nice good value rooms above the pub and it’s a shorter walk to the train station.

Hasenkeule, Schweinebraten & Spezial’s signature Lagerbier

I try to stay here every year for my birthday so have eaten here numerous times. I’ve had some great meals from Hasenkeule (rabbit leg), Schweinebraten (roast pork) and Sauerbraten (beef in sourish sauce) to great snacks like Blauer Zipfel (boiled bratwurst in vinegar).  Their smoke beer is a notch or two below on smokiness but exceptional nonetheless.  Their Bock is not to be missed, either.

Sauerbraten & Blauer Zipfel

Just back from another visit to Spezial and their Bock was as good as ever.  My wife had an enormous and great quarter duck and I had Rehbraten (roast deer), which was excellent, as well.

Spezial Bock, Rehbraten & Duck

Another stay at Spezial has come and gone. As always, we were super impressed with everything from breakfast to full meals, snacks and beer. My wife wanted something small and was surprised by the size of the Kalterbraten plate. She was also a bit smoked out, which gave me a chance to try and get a photo of their non-smoky beer, the “U.”

Spezial “U” and another great group of meals

Beers: Spezial Lager (Rauchbier), Spezial Märzen (Rauchbier), Spezial Weissbier (Rauchbier), Spezial Ungespundetes (their very popular non-smoke beer).

Beer calendar:
Bockbier Anstich is the beginning of November
Bockbier November and December

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