Brauerei Krug

lion brewery sign
Alte Dorfstraße 11
96129 Strullendorf-Geisfeld
Tel: 09505-484

(Currently closed though there was hope of it reopening in January 2020. Sadly, the deal fell through and it remains closed with no word as to a change) 🙁

Strullendorf Station 7 km/Bamberg Station 10 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Tuesday
Daily from 4
Sundays & holidays from 10-12 (morning) & from 4

Output: 6000 HL

Founded in 1820 and in the same family ever since. It’s hard to believe two such places in one small village have survived all these years. Geisfeld has another classic small brewery in Krug. This one is even housed in a half-timbered house and has a leafy Biergarten. It took me many years to get to enjoy it. It always seemed to be closed when I was in Geisfeld. They’re generally open in the afternoons and if slow seem to close early. They also have vacation periods seemingly only advertised at the brewery. I’ve arrived to a simple sign saying “on vacation” a couple times! Anyway, it’s well worth the effort. Didn’t get a chance to eat but their beer was another winner.

charming courtyard & classic Lagerbier from Brauerei Krug

I got back last year with my wife and some friends from the US visiting. It was a good reason to do the 7-Brauereienweg and glad we did as this fine brewery seems to be closed for good, though I hope not.

Beer: Lagerbier
Beer calender:

  • different beers (changing names like Elephant and Black Sheep) in Spring & Fall
  • Kirchweih is the 1st Sunday in September

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