Brauerei Keesmann

Wunderburg 5
96050 Bamberg
Tel: 0951-9819810
Bamberg Station 1.6 km

Opening hours:
Closed Sunday
Monday-Friday from 10:00
Saturday 9:30-3:00 PM

Output: 15000 HL

Founded in 1867, Keesmann has managed to maintain a nice traditional pub while brewing THE Pils of Franconia. If you’re in Bamberg and want to drink a non-smokey brew, head out to the Wunderburg, where both Keesmann and Mahrs reside. Its interior is traditional wood with locals filling most of the seats. The only tourists that make it here are beer tourists and they are rewarded with not only the finest Pils but also great food, as well.  If it’s too crowded and you only want a quick beer, grab one through the service window and drink it like a local in the Schwemme.

signature Herren Pils, cozy pub & service window

I had a great duck breast here and enjoyed a few of their regular beers, as well a fantastic Festbier that had been brewed in commemoration of the 500th year anniversary of the Bavaria Beer Purity Law.

Tasty duck breast & Festbier

Just back from another visit and their delicious Bock was on tap. My wife had deep-fried liver and I had what it seemed everyone was having, Bratwurst.

Deep-fried liver, Bratwurst & a Schnitt of Keesmann Bock

I returned to Keesmann right after the COVID lockdown and got to enjoy their courtyard area on a warm sunny day. It was a lot nicer than I’d remembered. I was there to try their Sternla, a beer I’d had many years earlier. While there, I saw they had a Helles and had one of those too. Both were good but must say, the Sternla is more my style and will be getting another one the next time I’m there.

finally in the Kessmann courtyard

I brought some good friends to Keemsmann for a wonderful lunch the day before a beer hiking tour on the 13-Brewery Trail. They loved their first Schäuferla and both the Sternla and Herren Pils were in great form.

a top notch Schäuferla to go with some top notch beers

While doing a two-day tour in Bamberg in March 2023, I took advantage of the timing to sample their Lent released strong Josephi Bock. At 8.2%, it’s a sipper and a lovely one at that.

light amber beer in logo mug with sign

Keesmann Josephi Bock

Though I’d had their Bock quite a few times I’d not managed to attend their very popular Anstich until 2023. While I found the Bock a bit sweeter than in previous years, it was a fun night out with friends and that’s what those events are really about.

a fun Bockanstich

Beers: Bamberger Herren Pils, Helles, Sternla Lager, Keesmann Weisse.

Beer calendar:
Josephibock from Ash Wednesday
Keesmann Bock from October to December
Wunderburger Kirchweih is the third weekend in July
Bockbier Anstich is in the middle of October.

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