Brauerei Greifenklau

bamberg greifenklau exterior
Laurenziplatz 20
96049 Bamberg
Tel: 0951-53219

Bamberg Station 2.6 km

Opening hours:
Closed on Monday
Daily from 10:30
Sunday 10:00-2:00

Output: 990 HL

Founded in 1919, this is one of Bamberg’s smaller breweries and one unfortunately often overlooked. Set up on one of Bamberg’s many hills, unless you are going up to visit the Bierkellers, it is a little out of the way. For those who do make the journey, you will find a traditional inn full of locals serving up great food and tasty beer. Their Biergarten is one of the great secrets of Bamberg. If you are in town in the warmer months and the weather is good, by all means head up that hill. You won’t regret it.

I’ve been here in both winter and summer and they both have their charms. I even question myself for not going more often.  I had a great Schweinebraten (roast pork) in winter washed down with lovely Bockbier and both were top notch.

Schweinebraten with Bockbier in cozy winter pub

I recently took some English friends up there in summer and it was their favorite spot. I hate to admit, it was my first time in the Biergarten and it won’t be the last. The beer was fantastic, including a seasonal lightly smoked lager called Greif-R and the Schäuferla a hit with the lads.

A very tasty and ample Schäuferla in their charming Biergarten

I finally got my wife to the Greifenklau Biergarten when some friends from the US came over for some beer hiking outside Bamberg. This was our warm-up venue and everyone loved it. Their Lager was a hit with them too.

another great Biergarten time at Greifenklau

When I recently was there for a Brewing Heartland Tour, I stopped by on a very hot summer day to enjoy their Biergarten once again. Despite the heat, I opted for their top-notch Schäuferla and a much needed Lager. The best part was the pour wasn’t so great and the head was dead. When the owner saw me taking a photo of it, he grabbed the beer and topped it off. I thought that was really nice of him and hopefully some followers will see it on Instagram and head there because of it!

Greifenklau Lager & Schäuferla in the leafy Biergarten

Their Rauchbier wasn’t on so I gave their Zwickel a try and found it a bit bland after the Lager. If you’re there on a hot day and don’t like hoppy beers, this might be the perfect beer for you. I also noticed the great view of Altenburg I somehow missed on previous visits, maybe because I was further back.

view of Altenburg from the Biergarten & their Zwickel

Following a long COVID restriction lockdown, Greifenklau was open once again and we got there nice and early to secure a great table in the leafy Biergarten paradise. We both opted for the Schäuferla and once again, it was one of the best. I was happy to also find their Rauchbier on tap. It’s a great introductory Rauchbier, especially for those who don’t particularly like smoky things.

the Greif-R & amazing Schäuferla

I was in town for a tour in March of 2023 and remembered this Roter Bock so decided my last lunch in town would be at the always reliable Greifenklau. The Rotber Bock itself was interesting if unspectacular but it went well with one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Franconia. The succulent Lammhaxe (Lamb Shank) was accompanied by green beans with bacon and fried Klöße, left over dumplings done to perfection.

the Last Lunch

Though I’ve not managed to attend their Kerwa, I finally got to sample their Laurenzi Märzen which is brewed for it and it’s a lovely example. We also got in for a great goose breast lunch paired with their lovely Bock in November 2023.

Greifenklau Laurenzi Märzen, Bock & goose breast

This is a nice area of town that many people don’t get to and there are some local festivals to keep a look out for. There are also a few seasonal beers as you can see below.

Beers: Lager, Weizen.

Beer calendar:
Roter Bock from the beginning of March
Greif-R (a light Rauchbier) in June and July
Laurenzi (an unfiltered Märzen) in fall
Bockbier in November
An occasional Zwickel
Laurenzikerwa is the 2nd weekend in August
Bockbier Anstich is the first Thursday after Repentance Day

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