Brauerei Drei Kronen

brewpub exterior
Hauptstraße 19
96117 Memmelsdorf
Tel: 0951-944330

Bamberg Station 6 km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 15:30 to 22:00
Friday & Saturday 15:30 to 23:00

Sunday 12:00 to 19:30

Output: 500 HL

Founded in 1457, the Drei Kronen has something of another era to it. That said, they have made some inroads to brewing some new style beers and have embraced the “new” craft beer revolution finally hitting Germany.  People come here to dine as much as drink but they certainly promote their growing beer portfolio.

My first time here was brief and I’d come strictly to try their famed Stöffla, a smoked Kellerbier. It was quite good but I left feeling not overly welcomed. It could have been my arrival mid-afternoon, between meal times.  I returned recently to eat a birthday meal and my wife and I were quite impressed with both the food and beer.

Stöffla and goose breast

Since it was my birthday, I tried a few beer during the course of the excellent meal. There was a Kupfer Ale on tap along with a bottle Dopplebock called Haluator.  Both were quite good. Overall, it was a much better experience. We’ll return a lot more quickly the next time.

Kupfer Ale & the smokey Haluator

I’ve been back a few times, most memorably to start what would be my first full run of the 13-Braureienweg. After the train trip from Munich, were were quite hungry so wisely started off with a large meal at Drei Kronen. My wife had pork loin served on a skewer and I had the Sauerbraten. Both were excellent and we washed them down with their signature Stöffla to get the hike off to a great start.

Stöffla & two fine meals

On a trip to research my book Beer Hiking Bavaria, I did a fine walk that took in the nearby Seehof Palace as well as the forest leading to Schammelsdorf. I had just enough time to finally try their 1457 Lager.

A 1457 Lager in the cozy Drie Kronen after the hike to the Seehof

Stopped in recently when testing out a new route for an upcoming tour and tried their Die Helle Lotta, a surprisingly dry Helles with more hops than most. A couple months later, I ran a few tours out of Memmelsdorf so got to enjoy some of their fine food again, as well as their seasonal Festbier.

Drei Kronen Die Helle Lotta, Festbier, Stöffla & roast veal

Beer: Stöffla, 1457 Lager, Keller-Pils, Die Helle Lotta
Beer calendar:

  • Haluator (dark Bock)
  • Fastenbier from Ash Wednesday
  • Sommerbier from April 23rd
  • Märzen
  • Kerwbier from the middle of August
  • Böckla (light Bock) Anstich on the 31st of October
  • Kupfer Ale (possibly a one-off)
  • Festbier

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