Bamberg (city)

Bamberg is one of not only Franconia’s most beautiful cities, it’s one of the world’s wonders. With a fantastic juxtaposition of architectural styles, it never gets boring and the sight of the Old Town Hall straddling the river never grows old, either.  Even if you weren’t interested in beer whatsoever, a visit here is a must for anyone traveling in Bavaria. Of course, that it has more than its share of great breweries makes it all that much more intriguing and for those so inclined, it makes an amazing base for exploring the nearly 300 small breweries in its vicinity.

Below are the breweries in town that I have visited, most of them many times. I’ve also included four Bierkellers/Biergartens. The first two are as can’t miss as the breweries, the third is a good option in summer to the brewery’s tap in town. The fourth has great views at a major tourist attraction and fifth is the very rare riverside eatery.

Brauerei Heller (Schlenkerla)
schlenkerla bannerBrauerei Spezial
spezial banner
Brauerei Fassla
fässla banner
Brauerei Greifenklau
greifenklau bannerBrauerei Keesmnann
keesmann banner
bamberg klosterbräu banner

bamberg mahrs banner
Der Kronprinz
kronprinz banner

Ambräusianumambräusianum bannerBrauhaus zum Sternla
Ahörnla Braugastatte
Brauhaus Landwinkl
Brauerei & Erlebnis Gärtnerei Hopfengarten Bamberg

Bamberg Kellers:

Spezial Keller
spezial keller banner
Wilde Rose Bräu Keller
bamberg wilde rose banner
Fässla Keller
Die Altenburg
castle and beerBootshaus im Hain
Zum Einhornskeller
Biergarten auf Unterer Brücke

New to Beerwanderers: Pubs:

Der Pelikan
Galerie am Stephansberg
beer house beer barrelDas Eckerts

Brüderla (BroBier)

Café Abseits sadly closed but click on link to see if there’s news about what has/will replace it
pub front beer biergarte

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