Felsenbräu Felsentrunk

Felsenbräu Felsentrunk is a balanced Helles with fair hopping to offset its grainy malt profile. The clean finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter, making it moreish.

Landwinkl Gespensterbock

Landwinkl Gespensterbock is a lightly smoky, semi-dry Bock with a bitter finish. At 6.8%, it's dangerous.

Debringer Bock

Debringer Bock is a balanced unfiltered golden brew with fair hopping, making for a semi-dry moreish finish.

Göller Stout

Göller Stout is another fine Craft Beer offering from the Zeil am Main brewery with a gorgeous dark hue and rocky tan head. With both coffee and dark chocolate in the nose and palate, it's a moreish brew all to easy to drink at 5.5%.

Klosterbräu Bock

Klosterbräu Bock is a balanced Hellerbock with a semi-dry palate and lingering finish. Deceptive at 7%.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Bock

Sternla Bock is a balanced Hellerbock with a semi-dry palate and semi-dry finish.

Ulrich Martin Martini Bock on tap

Ulrich Martin is a traditional brewery lovingly restored by the man himself. The Martinibock is fantastic bock full of malt and dried apricot notes.

And so it Gose in Leipzig

Gose is a marvelously refreshing beer which originated in Goslar but the current hotbed is Leipzig. There is probably not a better place to imbibe than Gosenschenke "Ohne Bedenken" where their World Beer Award winner Gose is the go-to drink of locals and beer pilgrims alike.

In Search of Schwarzbier in Thuringian Hilltop Castles

Watzdorfer is a small regional brewery in Thuringia and just up the road in the hilltop Burg Greifenstein you can find two of their fine beers on tap. The castle is a destination in itself and there's a scenic hiking trail to reach it.