Rhönbrauerei Dittmar Rhöner Pils on tap

Rhönbrauerei Dittmar Rhöner Pils on tap

Brewery: Rhönbrauerei Dittmar
Kaltennordheim in Franconian Thuringia
Style: Pils
Head: white
, creamy
sweet malt, light grain, light hop
Body: medium

balanced, light grain, firm hops
Finish: clean, dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the Heiratsmarkt in Kaltennordheim

Impression: Having this on tap was a long time coming. I’d had a bottle of this fine Pils a couple of years ago and really liked it but getting to the brewery in a remote area of Thuringian Franconian was not easy. Finding it on tap in the town of origin proved harder than anticipated but lucked out when the local Fest, Heiratsmarkt, was still open on our arrival. It was sadly poured into a plastic glass so the visual wasn’t the dreamy one I’d envisioned. Still, it proved to be the same dry balanced Pils that I’d rememered, with a clean finish that wasn’t wasn’t overly bitter.

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