Waldschloss Bräu Fuhrmanns Weisse

Waldschloss Bräu Fuhrmanns Weisse hell

Brewery: Waldschloss Bräu
Town: Frammersbach
Style: Weizen 4.8
Color: honeycomb

white, creamy
banana, clove
Body: medium
Palate: fruity, banana
Finish: lingering (drier finish from bottle than on tap)

Served: on tap at the Waldschloss Bräustübl

Impression: Nice refreshing looking Weizen with classic banana clove interplay in both the nose and palate but a bit thin in general on flavor. The finish is cloying even for a Weizen. It’s probably decent on a hot day but it’s anything but today and unless a real fan of the style, this is one you can skip. I picked up a few bottles prior to drinking it on tap and hoping that the old adage that Weizens are generally better from the bottle applies. A few weeks later I found out the bottle was indeed better with a more flavorful palate and drier finish. 

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