The Pocket Guide to the Best Würzburg & its Countryside Breweries

Bamberg is the irrefutable choice for a base when exploring Franconia if beer is a driving force, especially for the first time visitor. However, for the repeat visitor or those with ample time, it’s worth considering staying in a variety of other Franconian towns. One place that is high on many “regular” regional tourist’s agendas but rarely the beer tourist’s, is Würzburg. Blessed with a castle perched on a grapevine-strewn hilltop, a grand palace and an assortment of architectural marvels, few walk away beyond impressed.

stunning Würzburg

While nestled in an area renowned for wine,  there are a couple of breweries and beer-oriented restaurants and pubs to keep those so oriented quenched. Links below go to reviews of those I’ve been to.

Würzburg breweries:

Goldene Gans Biergarten

Würzburger Hofbräu

Restaurants & Pubs:

Alter Kranen (Würzburger Hofbräu)

Gasthaus Holzapfel

If that’s not enough for you and if you’ve made Würzburg a beery base rather than a day trip, there is plenty to explore in the beautiful countryside surrounding town. Though some are reachable by train, a few might mean taking a bus. The biggest dilemma will be picking out which breweries to head out to. While there are some definite must-do’s, picking your destinations might be influenced by the days of the week you are traveling and how much adventure you want to include in your public transportation experience. You’re going to have to pick your breweries wisely. This guide will help you do just that.

 the pleasures awaiting you outside of town

All of this information is available in much more detail on Beerwanderers so to keep this guide compact and easier to use while there, I will use links in case you need more information than a list. Contact info/opening hours/links to brewery websites/food/tasting notes are conveniently on these linked pages.  I re-checked the opening hours in April 2024 but it’s best to reconfirm these times on the breweries’ websites or social media pages. When in doubt and if going to a village which is hard to reach, it’s always best to call ahead.

trains, buses & automobiles

Before listing my suggestions for Würzburg area countryside breweries, I would like to suggest your having a look at my how to get around pages below.  The German transportation Apps (DB & VGN) are invaluable for not only your planning but also purchasing tickets. They are not data or battery hogs and are about as non-obtrusive as you will find.

How to get around by train

How to get around by bus

The list of breweries will be split into three groups, determined solely by me as to the ease to reach them. (Please note, this post is about reaching the destinations without a car and with minimal walking. If you are driving or a beer hiker or biker, you can disregard this grouping and look at it as one big list.) Within each group, I will list them by town/village as occasionally there is more than one venue in a given place. Also, the name of the village will be important in finding your transportation route. I’m not providing bus routes or numbers as they change. With Würzburg as a starting point and the destination provided, you can easily sort it out with the DB App. Please note the VGN App does not cover this area.  I will do it alphabetically rather than by my personal favorites. If it’s listed here, you can assume I like it. I am also only listing places that I have personally been to as I can’t recommend something I haven’t personally experienced. I will put an asterisk next to ones I feel have more merit.  The links will go to my reviews of the places which includes beers I’ve had along with food. Though my focus is beer, food plays a big part in my beery travels.

some lovely natural settings in Lower Franconia

1) Easy Peasy: Places which you have no excuse for not checking out providing you have time. Travel time is minimal with generally no connections involved. Perhaps most importantly, they have friendly opening hours which work with public transportation.

Lohr am Main
brewpub, beer, bar
Marktheidenfeld * (two breweries and Biergarten)
biergarten, beer, biergarten
Ochsenfurt (two breweries)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber  (two brewery outlet restaurants & Biergarten)

brewpub exterior, brewery sign, brewpub interior
Wertheim *
brewpub sign, restaurant exterior, bridge with brewery sign

A little more elbow grease: Places where you need to make multiple connections or opening hours aren’t so friendly or both. You can get there but it takes some forethought, especially if you want to get back the same day. You might have to do some walking, especially if you don’t plan well.


Hausen bei Schonungen *

Not easy, the best things rarely are: Places which require a lot of planning due to very limited public transportation. Some require an overnight stay due to that or limited opening hours. Generally speaking, in places with an *, it’s well worth staying overnight. You won’t regret it when drinking at any one of them, knowing you are sleeping nearby. Some might otherwise require some walking to get back to your starting point.



Gnodstadt *

Rot am See

Rüdenhausen *

Theinheim *

Trossenfurt * (brewery & Bierkeller)

I hope The Pocket Guide to the Best Würzburg and its Countryside Breweries helps make your trip to Franconia a great one. If it’s helped you find some new places, please consider buying me a beer 🍺!

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