Veldensteiner Saphir Bock

dark beer in pewter-lidded mug with swing top bottle
Veldensteiner Saphir Bock

Brewery: Kaiser-Bräu
Town: Neuhaus an der Pegnitz

Style: Dunkler Doppelbock with Saphir hops 7.8%
Color: mahogany
Head: ivory, creamy, lasting
Nose: richly malty, roasty, caramel, Saphir hops
Body: full
Palate: richly malty, roasty, caramel, Saphir hops
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought in Bayreuth

Impression: I hadn’t read the bottle when I picked this up and must admit I was expecting a Hellerbock perhaps due to the Saphir Bock thing. Out came a mahogany beauty with an ample ivory head and rich nose of roast, caramel and Saphir hops. The richly malty palate is more of the same and while a tad simpler than the aroma, it’s surprisingly easy drinking for 7.8%. The lingering bittersweet finish is a smidge sticky though not unusually so for a beer of this strength.

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