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Maps are fun things. They help us visualize the world, not only our current surroundings but also those we are planning to explore. With our smartphones in hand, they aren’t as important in navigating as they once were but what they do for our imagination hasn’t been replaced yet. Open this interactive map in full Google Maps format and you can filter by Upper Franconia (with a separate filter for Bamberg), Middle Franconia, Lower Franconia, Franconian Baden-Württemberg and Upper Bavarian Franconia. Click on links in entries (yellow for those with food/green for breweries without pubs) to reach Beerwanderers write-ups on each place, which includes contact information, opening hours and brewery websites. Always confirm opening hours before setting out.

I hope it helps you visualize your next beery adventure.

I hope This Search by Map feature helps make your trip to Bamberg and Franconia a great one. If it’s helped you find some new places, please consider buying me a beer 🍺!

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Prefer a guided beer experience in Bamberg.

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