Bastion Marie Mariechen Urhell (Kaiserhof)

golden beer in tulip glass with bottle
Bastion Marie Mariechen (Kaiserhof)

Brewery: Kaiserhof
Town: Kronach
Style: Helles 4.5%
Color: golden
Head: white, creamy
Nose: light grain, floral hops
Body: medium
Palate: balanced, malty
, lightly grainy, light hop
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: from a bottle gifted by Bastion Marie in Kronach

Impression: This is made for Bastion Marie by Kaiserhöfer. The owner gifted me a bottle when I left and I had assumed it was the same beer I’d had on tap but on pouring it, I found a filtered golden beer instead. Not sure if it’s the same beer but similar grainy element and floral hops in both the nose and palate. I find the finish much cleaner with some bitterness shining through. If the same beer, it shows filtration isn’t always a bad thing.

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