Hölzlein Rauch bottle

golden beer in pewter-lidded mug with bottle
Hölzlein Rauch

Brewery: Hölzlein
Rauchbier 5%
unfiltered golden
Head: white, rocky, chiffon-like
Nose: light grain, faint smoke
Body: medium

balanced, light smoke, fair hopping
Finish: clean, dry, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought at the brewery

Impression: Gotta love a brewery that can produce a beer like this in a bottle. Gorgeous pour with one of the best heads I’ve ever seen: rocky, chiffon-like and still strong after half a mug drunk. Very effervescent even after a slow pour but oddly not overly gassy. This is one dry beer but it manages to be refreshing nonetheless with just a light smoky quality. The clean finish is firmly bitter yet manages a moreish quality. Definitely looking to have this on tap in 2024.

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