Brauhaus Unfinden Bock

unfiltered dark beer in glass with bottle
Brauhaus Unfinden Bock

Brewery: Brauhaus Unfinden
Town: Unfinden

Style: Bock 7.3%

unfiltered mahogany
Head: off-white, creamy, dense
Nose: richly malty, raisin, prune

Body: full

richly malty, raisin verging on prune, hint of licorice, very slight pleasant sour quality
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, fruity

Served: from a bottle gifted by the brewery

I was set to attend the Bockanstich at Unfinden but bad weather and The Pelikan Best of Bock event got in the way so very thankful a friend picked a rare bottle up for me. This is one heady rich brew with both raisins and prunes in the nose and richly malty palate. I don’t detect much hops but it manages to avoid being super sweet considering what I imagine to be a fairly high alcohol percentage.

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