Mönchshof Original Pils

golden beer in glass with swing top bottle
Mönchshof Original Pils

Brewery: Mönchshof
Style: Pils 4.9
Head: white, creamy, rocky

Nose: light hops
, faint grain
balanced, malty, light grain, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, slight bitterness

Served: from a bottle bought in Munich

Impression: Nice looking golden with an ample white rocky head and nose of a fair mix of grain and hops. More balanced and malty than classic German Pils but drier and more bitter than a Helles. Though nothing special, it’s one of their better beers, perhaps in part due to the reduced alcohol compared to their maltier other offerings. It holds up better than their other beers in the finish, thanks to some hops in the mix. Still, not overly flavorful and would pale in comparison to the better examples.

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