Köslauer Rennweg Brauer Kellerbier

Köslauer Rennweg Brauer Kellerbier & immature Vollbier & Kellerbier at Fest

Brewery: Köslauer Rennweg Brauer
Köslau bei Königsberg
Style: Keller
Color: unfiltered
Head: white
, creamy
Nose: malty, light grain

Body: medium
, low carbonation
Palate: nice mix of malt and hops with a nice light grain element

Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at local residence/Vollbier from tank at the brewery

Impression: This was my first Lower Franconian communal brewery experience after a couple of years gnawing at the bit and purely a stroke of luck when a friend who lives in the area was accepted as a member. While getting a tour of the brewery, we were offered to have a very young Vollbier from the tank. The brewer explained it was quite a ways from ready and it sure was a lively pour with a massive rocky chiffon like head. It was still a little yeasty but nicely balanced with a nice grainy element and fair hopping. I hope to have the mature version at their Oktoberfest in a few weeks.

We then stopped by his house and drank a more matured lower octane Kellerbier from Krugs and it was a lovely soft brew with an even more balanced palate. It had the unmistakable taste of Franconia, a walk in the countryside in a Krug. It was a nice session beer and we had a few. To offset costs, they accept donations and I paid what I would in a similar village pub. The experience was priceless.

I made it to the Köslauer Oktoberfest and not only sampled the mature Vollbier but also resampled their Kellerbier and had this to say: Gorgeous unfiltered amber with the kind of balanced dryness that is increasingly and sadly rare. Nice yeast (Reckendorfer) component along with light grain and underlying hops. Moreish finish seals the deal.

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